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Jeongyeon Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography, Family & Net Worth

In the kaleidoscopic world of K-pop, where stars are born and legends are made, stands Yoo Jeong-yeon, better known as Jeongyeon, a name that resonates with the rhythmic heartbeat of millions. As a cherished member of the sensational girl group TWICE, Jeongyeon has not just graced the stage but has owned it with her unique blend of charisma and talent.

Jeongyeon Bio/Wiki

Name Yoo Jeong-Yeon
Stage Name Jeongyeon
Date of Birth November 1, 1996
Age in 2024 27 years old
Nationality South Korean
Occupation Singer
Years Active 2015–present
Associated Acts Twice

Who is Jeongyeon?

Twice Members Jeongyeon age

Yoo Jeong-yeon, known mononymously as Jeongyeon, is a beacon of talent in the South Korean music industry. As a pivotal member of the globally acclaimed K-pop girl group TWICE, Jeongyeon has become synonymous with vocal prowess and dynamic stage presence. Her journey from a hopeful trainee to a celebrated idol is a testament to her dedication and passion for music.

How Old is Jeongyeon in 2024?

Born on the cusp of winter in 1996, Jeongyeon celebrates her 27th year of life in 2024. Her Scorpio zodiac sign is often associated with artistic talent and tenacity, which she embodies fully.

Jeongyeon Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Jeongyeon’s stature stands at an elegant 169 cm (5’7″), and she maintains a weight of approximately 50 kg (110 lbs). Her visual appeal is complemented by her ever-changing hair colors and styles that match TWICE’s vibrant concepts.

Jeongyeon Biography & Career

Jeongyeon’s artistic odyssey began with her joining JYP Entertainment in 2010 after a successful audition. Her perseverance through five years of rigorous training culminated in her debut with TWICE in 2015. Since then, Jeongyeon has not only lent her voice to the group’s chart-topping hits but has also contributed as a songwriter, adding depth to TWICE’s discography.

Twice Members Jeongyeon age

Jeongyeon Relationship Status

In keeping with the private nature of many K-pop idols, Jeongyeon has not publicly disclosed her relationship status. She remains focused on her career and role within TWICE, much to the delight of ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) worldwide.

Jeongyeon’s Net Worth in 2024

While the specifics of Jeongyeon’s net worth are not publicly available, it is estimated to be between $100,000 and $2 million. This figure reflects her success with TWICE, solo endeavors, and various brand endorsements.


Jeongyeon’s journey from a young trainee to a celebrated TWICE member is a story of passion, perseverance, and talent. Her contributions to the group and the music industry are undeniable, and her influence continues to grow. As she steps into her 27th year, we celebrate her achievements and potential for the future. Jeongyeon remains a beloved figure, and her fans eagerly anticipate what she will accomplish next.


Q1: What is Jeongyeon’s role in TWICE?
A1: Jeongyeon is a lead vocalist known for her stable voice and energetic performances.

Q2: Has Jeongyeon written any songs for TWICE?
A2: Yes, Jeongyeon has contributed to the songwriting for some of TWICE’s tracks.

Q3: What are some of Jeongyeon’s hobbies?
A3: Jeongyeon enjoys cooking and has a passion for interior design.

Q4: How does Jeongyeon interact with her fans?
A4: Jeongyeon connects with fans through social media and fan meetings.

Q5: What makes Jeongyeon stand out in TWICE?
A5: Her unique voice and tomboyish charm set her apart within the group.

Q6: Has Jeongyeon pursued any solo projects?
A6: While primarily focused on TWICE, she has participated in various other projects, including TV shows.

Q7: What can we expect from Jeongyeon in the future?
A7: Fans can look forward to more music, performances, and ventures into other entertainment areas.