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Wooyoung Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography, Family & Net Worth

Wooyoung is a talented and charismatic singer and dancer from the South Korean boy band ATEEZ under KQ Entertainment. He is known for his expressive facial expressions, powerful dance moves, and sweet vocals.

Wooyoung Bio/Wiki

Name Jung Woo Young
Stage Name Wooyoung
Birthday November 26, 1999
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Birthplace Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Nationality Korean
Blood Type A
Role in ATEEZ Main Dancer, Vocalist
Debut Date October 24, 2018

Who is Wooyoung?

Wooyoung is a member of ATEEZ, a boy group under KQ Entertainment that debuted in 2018. ATEEZ has eight members: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. The group has gained global recognition for its powerful performances, diverse music styles, and captivating concepts. ATEEZ has released seven mini-albums, one full album, and several singles, with over 10 million album sales worldwide. Some of their most popular songs include “Pirate King,” “Say My Name,” “Wonderland,” “Answer,” “Inception,” and “Fireworks (I’m The One).”

Wooyoung is the principal dancer and vocalist of ATEEZ. He is responsible for delivering expressive and dynamic dance moves that match the mood and theme of ATEEZ’s songs. He is also a skilled vocalist who can sing in various genres and tones. His bright and cheerful personality makes him popular among fans and fellow members. He is also a creative and passionate artist who participates in the choreography and songwriting of some of ATEEZ’s songs.

How Old is Wooyoung in 2024?

Wooyoung was born on November 26, 1999, which means he will be 25 years old in 2024. He is the seventh most senior member of ATEEZ, after Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, and Mingi.

Wooyoung Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Wooyoung is one of the shortest members of ATEEZ, standing at 173 cm (5’8″). He has a fit and toned physique, weighing around 63 kg (139 lbs). He has black hair and dark brown eyes. He has a mole on his left cheek and a dimple on his right cheek. He often wears fashionable and colorful outfits that suit his style and personality.

Wooyoung Biography & Career

Jung Woo-Young was born and raised in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He has an older brother and a younger brother. At a young age, Wooyoung was interested in dancing and singing and was inspired by artists like Michael Jackson, Rain, and BTS. He attended Hanlim Multi Art School, where he majored in dance and was in the same class as Golden Child’s Tag and Idol School’s Bin Haneul.

After leaving Big Hit Entertainment, Jung Woo-Young joined KQ Entertainment as a trainee in 2017. He was the fourth member to join the company, after Hongjoong, Seonghwa, and Yunho. He participated in the survival show MIXNINE, where he showcased his dance and vocal skills. He ranked 57th on the Just Dance showcase and later ranked 72nd overall. He was eliminated in episode 7.

Jung Woo-Young debuted as a member of ATEEZ on October 24, 2018, with the mini-album “Treasure Ep.1: All to Zero”. He has since been actively involved in ATEEZ’s musical and artistic direction, contributing to the choreography and songwriting of some of their songs. He has also participated in shows and events, such as Immortal Songs, Kingdom: Legendary War, and KCON: TACT. He has also collaborated with artists such as Kang Daniel, Kim Woo Seok, and Lee Eun Sang.

Wooyoung Relationship Status

Wooyoung has not publicly confirmed any romantic relationship with anyone. He has stated that he is not interested in dating right now and wants to focus on his career and music. He has also said he prefers someone cute, cheerful, supportive, and who can dance well.

How Much Will The Net Worth Of Wooyoung Be In 2024?

According to various sources, Jung Woo Young’s net worth is estimated to be around $800,000 as of 2021. This is based on his income from ATEEZ’s album sales, concerts, endorsements, and other activities. His net worth is expected to increase as ATEEZ grows in popularity and success. It is hard to predict the exact amount of his net worth in 2024, but it is likely higher than his current net worth.


Wooyoung is a talented and charismatic singer and dancer who is a member of ATEEZ, one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world. He has a bright and cheerful personality, a fit and toned physique, and a mole and a dimple that add to his charm. He is also a creative and passionate artist who participates in the choreography and songwriting of some of ATEEZ’s songs—many fans worldwide, who call themselves ATINY, love and admire him. Wooyoung is a rising star in the K-pop industry, and we look forward to seeing more of his achievements and growth.


Q: What is Wooyoung’s real name?

A: Wooyoung’s real name is Jung Woo Young.

Q: When is Jung Woo Young’s birthday?

A: Jung Woo Young’s birthday is November 26, 1999.

Q: What is Jung Woo Young’s zodiac sign?

A: Jung Woo Young’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Q: What is Jung Woo Young’s blood type?

A: Jung Woo Young’s blood type is A.

Q: What is Jung Woo Young’s MBTI type?

A: Jung Woo Young’s MBTI type is ESFJ.

Q: Who are Jung Woo Young’s role models?

A: Jung Woo Young’s role models are Michael Jackson, Rain, and BTS.