Aylin Ercel: The Mother of Hande Ercel

by Sophia

Aylin Ercel: The Mother of Hande Ercel

Hande Ercel shines as a celebrated Turkish actress and model with a solid social media presence. Her mother, Aylin Ercel, was a private figure who supported her daughters’ dreams away from the public eye. Aylin’s life, though less known, was marked by quiet strength and encouragement.

Aylin Ercel’s Profile Summary

Name Aylin Ercel
Date of Birth November 24, 1971
Date of Death January 10, 2019
Age 47 years old (at the time of death)
Place of Birth Istanbul, Turkey
Place of Death Istanbul, Turkey
Cause of Death Cancer
Nationality Turkish
Ethnicity White
Popularity Celebrity mother
Ex-Husband Kaya Ercel (businessman, politician)
Daughters Hande Ercel (actress, model)
Brother Gamze Ercel (actress, model)

Who was Aylin Ercel?

Aylin Ercel, known for her entrepreneurial spirit, was the cherished mother of Hande Ercel and her sister, both acclaimed in the acting and modelling world. Her life took a turn when she parted ways with Kaya Ercel. Aylin’s battle with cancer came to a close at 47, leaving a legacy of courage and love in 2019.

She was a mother of two kids.

Aylin Ercel was a devoted mother to her daughters, Gamze and Hande. She was their biggest cheerleader, always there to support their dreams and celebrate their successes, sharing precious moments on social media.

Who Was Aylin Ercel formerly married to?

Aylin Ercel’s life story intertwines with that of Kaya Ercel, a notable figure in business and politics. Their marriage brought two daughters into the world, but it wasn’t meant to last, ending in 1999. After that, Aylin chose a life of independence, focusing on her path until her passing.

What was the cause of her death?

Aylin Ercel’s battle with cancer came to a heartfelt end at 47. Despite treatments, she passed away in 2019, leaving her loved ones and many admirers to mourn. Her family honoured her life with touching tributes and laid her to rest in Istanbul, as per her wishes.

Social Media

Aylin Ercel valued her privacy, maintaining a low-key presence on Facebook to share life’s moments and support her daughters.

Who are the Grandchildren of Aylin

Aylin Ercel revelled in her role as a grandmother, delighting in visits and playtime with her two grandsons. Her Facebook page was a window into these cherished moments, filled with photos and expressions of love and thankfulness.

Her Daughters’ Relationship


Hande and Gamze Ercel, sisters in the spotlight, share a strong bond, often seen at events and on social media celebrating each other’s successes. In a blossoming relationship with actor Kerem Bursin since 2021, Hande shares snapshots of their life together online. Meanwhile, Gamze and her husband, Kaan Gunay, enjoy family life with their sons, embracing travel and new experiences and connecting with their audience through shared memories.

Aylin Ercel’s Father, Mother, Sister, and Brother

Relationship Name
Father Kaya Ercel
Mother Not Mentioned
Sister Not Mentioned
Brother Not Mentioned

Aylin Ercel Height, Weight, and Body Stats

Aylin Ercel’s grace and style were undeniable. Standing at 5’6″ (168 cm) and weighing around 132 lbs (60 kg), she carried herself with an elegance that was accentuated by her choice of fashionable attire and tasteful makeup. Her blonde hair and blue eyes added to her striking appearance. Aylin’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle was evident in her poise and vitality. Her warm and engaging personality was just as captivating as her looks, endearing her to those around her.

How much was Aylin Ercel’s net worth?

Aylin Ercel’s financial details are not public, but it’s believed she enjoys a life of comfort. Her ex-husband, Kaya Ercel, is quite successful, with a net worth estimated at $100 million (approximately ₹845 crore) as of 2021. His annual earnings from diverse business ventures and political career are around $10 million (about ₹85 crore). As the head of Ercel Group and a notable figure in Turkish politics, he’s made a significant mark in various industries and is a member of parliament.


Aylin Ercel, mother to the renowned Hande Ercel and another talented daughter, led a life of entrepreneurship and quiet grace. Her early separation from Kaya Ercel didn’t dim her supportive nature; she remained a pillar for her daughters, encouraging their artistic pursuits. Aylin’s elegance extended beyond her style to how she cherished her role as a grandmother, sharing love and laughter with her grandchildren.

Despite her privacy preference, Aylin’s strength was evident to all who knew her. Her battle with cancer showcased her remarkable resilience and courage. Her generosity of spirit made her a beloved figure in her community, and her passing at 47 left a legacy of inspiration and love. Aylin’s life was a testament to the power of nurturing and the enduring impact of a mother’s support.


Q: When and where was Aylin Ercel born and died?

A: Aylin Ercel was born on November 24, 1971, in Istanbul, Turkey. She died on January 10, 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Q: What was Aylin Ercel’s profession and career?

A: Aylin Ercel was a professional entrepreneur. She pursued her career and interests, but the details of her work and achievements are unknown.

Q: Who was Aylin Ercel’s ex-husband and daughters?

A: Aylin Ercel’s ex-husband was Kaya Ercel, a businessman and a politician. Her daughters were Hande Ercel and Gamze Ercel, both actresses and models.

Q: What was the cause of AE’s death, and how did her family react to it?

A: AE died of cancer at the age of 47. Her family was devastated and heartbroken by her death and expressed their grief and sorrow on their social media accounts. They also thanked their fans and followers for their condolences and prayers. They buried her in a cemetery in Istanbul, according to her wishes.

Q: Did AE have any grandchildren, and who were they?

A: AE had two grandchildren from her eldest daughter, Gamze. Her grandchildren were Mavi and Masal, who were born on April 13, 2018, and July 23, 2020, respectively. They were the sons of Gamze and her husband, Kaan Gunay, a businessman and an entrepreneur.

Q: Did AE have any social media accounts, and what did she post on them?

A: AE had no social media accounts and preferred to stay away from the limelight. She only had a Facebook account, where she occasionally posted pictures with her daughters and friends. She also liked and commented on her daughters’ posts and showed her love and support for them.


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