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Who was Barbara Roufs? The racing trophy girl who died by suicide

Barbara Roufs was a standout trophy girl and model in the 1970s drag racing circuit, known for her charm and style. Born in 1944 in Southern California, she became the face of the Professional Dragster Association and was featured in magazines, leaving a lasting impression of glamour. Her life, tragically ending in 1991, remains a poignant chapter in racing history.

Barbara Roufs’ Profile Summary 

Full Name Barbara Roufs
Nickname Racing Trophy Girl
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 1944
Died January 1991
Age 47 (as of 1991)
Place of Birth California, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christian
Sexuality Straight
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 55 kg
Parents Thelma Ruby Riley & Wayne Eldon Riley
Siblings Vivian Deaton, James, Bruce, Ben Gube
Marital Status Married
Children Jet Dougherty
Profession Trophy Girl, Model

Barbara Roufs’ Early Life and Family

Barbara Roufs

Barbara Roufs, a Southern California native, was born into the family of Thelma and Wayne Riley, alongside her three siblings and an adopted brother. With a flair for fashion and the spotlight, she was active in beauty pageants from an early age. Her personal life included a marriage that brought her a daughter and a union with a drag racer, reflecting her deep ties to the racing world. Barbara’s story is one of passion for life and the fast lane, leaving a legacy as vivid as the races she once illuminated.

Barbara Roufs’ Career as a Trophy Girl and Model

Barbara Roufs’ story is one of glamour and excitement, forever remembered in the history of drag racing.

Barbara Roufs’ Death and The Mystery Behind It

Who Was Barbara Roufs? Racing Trophy Girl, Family, and Cause of Death

Barbara Roufs’ passing in 1991 was a profound loss that deeply affected those who knew her and admired her work in the drag racing community. Her life, marked by beauty and charisma, ended in tragedy, leaving unanswered questions and a legacy that continues to inspire. Her family, including her daughter and grandchildren, carry on her memory, honouring a woman who symbolized style and glamour and a cherished mother and friend. Though ending too soon, Barbara’s story remains a poignant reminder of the impact one individual can have on the world around them.

Barbara Roufs’ Net Worth 

Barbara Roufs was a well-known figure in the 70s drag racing scene, earning her living as a trophy girl and model. While the specific salaries of trophy girls from that era aren’t public, Barbara’s income came from her work in the industry. Nowadays, her classic photos from the 70s have become collector’s items online. It’s believed that Barbara’s net worth was around $1.5 million, a testament to her success and lasting impact.


Barbara Roufs truly shone in the drag racing world of the ’70s, leaving an indelible legacy of elegance and allure. More than just a trophy girl, she was a celebrated model, a loving mother, and a cherished friend. Her untimely departure in 1991 left many unanswered questions, but her memory inspires and captivates those who remember her. Barbara’s life story is a poignant reminder of the lasting impact one person can have on a community and culture.


Q: When and where was Barbara Roufs born?

A: Barbara Roufs was born in 1944 in Southern California, United States.

Q: What was Barbara Roufs’ profession?

A: Barbara Roufs was a trophy girl and a model for drag racing in the 1970s.

Q: What was Barbara Roufs’ body measurement?

A: Barbara Roufs had a 32-25-32 body measurement in inches, or 81-64-81 in centimetres.

Q: Who was Barbara Roufs’ husband?

A: Barbara Roufs was married twice. Her first husband was Dougherty, with whom she had a daughter named Jet. Her second husband was Roufs, who was a drag racer.

Q: Who was R.B.’s daughter?

A: B.R.’s daughter was Jet Dougherty, born in 1968. She inherited her mother’s estate and belongings after her death.

Q: Who was B.R.’s photographer and friend?

A: B.R.’s photographer and friend was Tom West, who took many pictures of her and shared them on social media. He described her as a “phenomenal woman” who was “fun to be around”.

Q: What was B.R.’s most famous event as a trophy girl?

A: B.R.’s most famous event as a trophy girl was the 6th annual U.S.. Professional Dragster Championship at Orange County International Raceway in 1973, where she posed with the legendary Don Garlits, who won the event.

Q: In what magazines and advertisements did B.R.R. appear?

A: B.R. appeared in several magazines, such as Drag Racing USA, Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, and Hot Rod. She also appeared in advertisements for various products, such as clothing, sunglasses, and beer.

Q: When and how didB.R you die?

A: B.R. died by suicide in 1991 at the age of 47. She was found dead in her home in California, with a gunshot wound to her head. She left behind a note, but its contents were never revealed to the public.

Q: Why didB.R.. commit suicide?

A: The reason for B.R.’s suicide remains a mystery, as she seemed to have a successful and happy life. Some speculated that she was depressed, lonely, or unhappy with her marriage. Others suggested that she was involved in some kind of trouble, such as drugs, debts, or blackmail. However, none of these theories were ever confirmed or proven.