Blu of Earth Biography: Who is Aaron Rodgers’ New Girlfriend

by Sophia

Blu of Earth Biography: Who is Aaron Rodgers’ New Girlfriend

Blu of Earth, also known as Charlotte Brereton, is a rising celebrity with her unique allure and captivating persona. Her name echoes the richness of nature and the vastness of the sea, sparking curiosity and admiration. Blu represents an adventurous spirit, a quest for knowledge, and a commitment to living in tune with the natural world.

Profile Summary:

Full Real Name Charlotte Brereton.
Famous Name Blu of Earth.
Date of Birth (approx.) B/W 1987-1992.
Age (as of 2024) B/W 30-35 years old.
Place of Birth The United States of America.
Profession Podcaster, Social Media Influencer, Lifestyle Blogger, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur.
Net worth USD 1 to 2 Million (approx.).
Nationality American.
Religion Christianity.
Ethnicity Mixed.
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Education Graduate.
School/College Local School.
Weight In Kilograms: 55 kg
In Pounds: 121 lbs
Height In Feet Inches: 5′ 7″

How old is Blu of Earth?

Blu of Earth, also known as Charlotte Brereton, has journeyed through life for 32 years, each marked by personal growth and a deepening journey into self-awareness. Celebrating her birthday on November 9th, 1990, she views every year as an opportunity for a fresh start and new experiences.

Blu of Earth Career

Blu of Earth, a vibrant voice in the podcasting world, hosts the famous ‘DeJá Blu’ series, which recently launched its second season. Beyond the mic, she’s an inspiring speaker and a creative soul, having collaborated with spiritual leaders like Sadhguru. Her social media platforms are a beacon of positivity, where she shares uplifting messages. With a YouTube channel boasting over 23,000 followers, Blu offers a mix of engaging podcasts and captivating travel content. She’s also graced the stage of TEDx, sharing her insights with a global audience.

Blu of Earth’s Height or Weight

Blu of Earth exudes elegance at a statuesque 5 feet 9 inches, reflecting her commitment to a healthy and balanced way of life. At 59 kg, she’s a living example of her philosophy that the body is a sacred space to be cherished and respected.

Are Aaron Rodgers And Blu of Earth dating?

Blu of Earth and Aaron Rodgers’ brief romance was the talk of the town, beginning in the warm days of June 2022. It was a meeting of two souls from different realms. However, the relationship had cooled by December, leaving behind a trail of tender memories.

What is Blu of Earth’s Net Worth?

Blu of Earth’s wealth goes beyond the monetary; her estimated net worth of $1 million to $2 million is a testament to her life’s fullness and the positive impact on others.

Blu of Earth Age & Early Life

Blu of Earth, whose journey began in the late ’80s to early ’90s, will embrace her early to mid-thirties in 2024. Her upbringing unfolded in the United States, with her educational roots planted in the disciplined grounds of a British boarding school. Known for her spiritual inclination, Blu’s reflections shine through on her Instagram. While whispers suggest her given name is Charlotte Brereton, she’s made her mark as an educated voice in the podcasting realm, holding a degree from a distinguished university.

What is Blu of Earth’s Real Name?

Behind the mystique of Blu of Earth lies Charlotte Brereton, a name that carries a legacy of authenticity and a promise of continued inspiration.

Blu of Earth Boyfriend & Dating

Blu of Earth’s love life has been a subject of curiosity. She was previously in a committed relationship with André, known for his work with Meraki Media and KnowThySel. However, it seems they’ve gone their separate ways. Blu was also linked with NFL star Aaron Rodgers in mid-2022 following his split from actress Shailene Woodley. Despite the buzz, Blu keeps her romantic life private, leaving the public to wonder.


Blu of Earth, also known as Charlotte Brereton, is a true inspiration, embodying the essence of living with authenticity. Her fleeting connection with Aaron Rodgers touched many, showcasing the splendor of companionship. As she continues influencing and motivating through her endeavors, her life story encourages us to live with intention and enthusiasm.


Q: Who is BluofEarth?

A: Blu of Earth is a podcaster, influencer, and motivational speaker known for her work in empowering women and her connection with nature.

Q: What is BluofEarth’s real name?

A: Her real name is Charlotte Brereton.

Q: How did BluofEarth gain popularity?

A: She gained attention for her relationship with NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and her impactful social media presence.

Q: What is the DeJa Blu podcast?

A: It’s a podcast hosted by Blu of Earth, focusing on spiritual and personal growth topics.

Q: What is Florescence?

A: Fluorescence is a modern mystery school for women, co-founded by Blu of Earth.

Q: Did BluofEarth and Aaron Rodgers have a long-term relationship?

A: Their relationship was relatively brief, lasting around six months.

Q: How tall is BluofEarth?

A: She is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Q: What is BluofEarth’s net worth?

A: Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million.

Q: What does BluofEarth advocate for?

A: She advocates for environmental conservation, spiritual growth, and women’s empowerment.

Q: Is BoF active on social media?

A: She is active on various platforms, sharing her life stories and insights with her followers.


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