Danielle: Age, Bio, Career & Net Worth

by Sophia

Danielle: Age, Bio, Career & Net Worth

Danielle is a rising star in the K-pop scene as a member of the girl group NewJeans. She is known for her bright personality, talent for singing and writing lyrics, and unique background as a Korean-Australian.

Danielle Profile Summary

Name Danielle June Marsh / Mo Jihye (모지혜)
Stage Name Danielle (다니엘)
Birthday April 11, 2005
Zodiac Sign Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign Rooster
Height 165 cm (5’4″ ‘”)
Weight 48 kg (106 lbs)
Blood Type AB
Nationality Korean-Australian
Representative Color Green
Representative Emoji 🌻

Who Is Danielle?

Danielle is a singer and lyricist under ADOR Entertainment. She debuted as a member of NewJeans, a four-member girl group, in July 2022. She is the youngest member of the group, also known as the maknae. She is cheerful and outgoing and loves interacting with fans and other idols. She is also creative and artistic and enjoys drawing, painting, and surfing.

How Old is Danielle in 2024?

Danielle was born on April 11, 2005, and will be 19 in 2024. She is the same age as some of the youngest idols in the industry, such as ITZY’s’ Yuna, TXT’s’ Huening Kai, and ENHYPEN’s’ Ni-ki.

Danielle Family Status

Danielle has a multicultural family; her father is Australian, and her mother is Korean. She was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, and moved to Korea when she was ten. She has an older sister named Olivia, who is five years older than her. She is very close to her family and often mentions them in her interviews and social media posts.

Danielle Relationship Status

Danielle is currently single and focused on her career as an idol. She has not been involved in dating rumors or scandals and has stated that she is not interested in dating. She has, however, expressed her admiration for some of her senior idols, such as BTS’s’ V, EXO’s’ Kai, and BLACKPINK’s’ Jennie.

Danielle Biography & Career

Danielle started her career as a child actress and model, appearing on several TV programs and commercials. She was also a contestant on the reality show K-pop Star 6, where she impressed the judges with her vocal skills and charisma. She joined ADOR Entertainment as a trainee in early 2020 and trained for about two years before debuting with NewJeans.

NewJeans is a girl group comprising Danielle, Hanni, Jina, and Lina. They debuted with the song “Attention,” showcasing their powerful vocals and dance moves. They followed up with their first EP, New Jeans, which contained six songs, including “Cookie,” Lemonade,” and “Dynamite.” Danielle participated in writing the lyrics for some of the songs, such as “Attention” and “Lemonade.” She also showed versatility by rapping, singing, and dancing in different genres and styles.

NewJeans quickly gained popularity and recognition for their fresh and energetic concept, as well as their strong stage presence and charisma. They won several rookie awards and music show trophies and amassed a loyal fanbase called Flora. They also collaborated with artists like Stray Kids, ATEEZ, and (G)I-DLE. They are considered one of the most promising and talented groups in the fourth generation of K-pop.

Danielle’s Height, Weight, and Body Stats

Danielle is slim and fit, thanks to her regular exercise and healthy diet. She is 165 cm (5’4) tall and weighs 48 kg (106 lbs). She has a fair complexion, brown eyes, and brown hair, which she often dyes in different colors. She has a cute, charming face, a small nose, plump lips, and a flower-shaped tongue. She likes wearing casual and comfortable clothes like jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies. She also likes to accessorize with sunglasses, hats, and earrings.

How Much Will Danielle’s Net Worth Be in 2024?

Danielle’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $1 million, based on her income as a singer, songwriter, model, and actress. She earns money from the sales and streams of her music and her endorsements and appearances. She also has some personal investments and savings, which add to her wealth. She is known to be generous and charitable and often donates to various causes and organizations.


Danielle is a talented and beautiful idol with a bright future ahead of her. She is a member of NewJeans, a girl group making waves in the K-pop industry. She is also a singer, songwriter, model, and actress with many skills and potential. Many fans and peers love her for her cheerful and friendly personality and her artistic and creative flair. She is a role model and inspiration for many young people who aspire to follow their dreams and passions.


Q: What is D JMarsh’s real name?

A: D JMarsh’s real name is Danielle June Marsh, but her Korean name is Mo Jihye (모지혜).

Q: WhatDJM’sJM’s fan cafe name?DJM’s fan cafe name is Flora 지혜, which me “ns “flower wis” om.” It combines her representative emoji, the sunflower, and her Korean name, Jihye.

Q: What’s your favorite food? DJM’s favorite food is what her mom makes, especially Korean food, vegetables, and fruits. She also likes ice cream, an incredibly dark chocolate flavor.

Q: What is your favorite hobby? DJM’s favorite hobby is surfing, which she learned from her dad when she was young. She also likes drawing, painting, listening to music, swimming, and talking with the members.

Q: What is your favorite color? DJM’s favorite color is yellow, which matches her bright and sunny personality. She also likes green, which is her representative color in NewJeans.


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