Dayna Douros: Age, Bio, Relationship Status, & Net Worth

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Dayna Douros: Age, Bio, Relationship Status, & Net Worth

Dayna Douros, a yoga teacher with a business degree, also runs her clothing brand, Dayna’s Closet. She was previously married to NHL star Ryan O’Reilly, but their marriage ended in 2019.

Dayna Douros Profile Summary

Name Dayna Douros
Birth Date February 7, 1991
Birth Place Toronto, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Mixed (African-American and Cuban)
Profession Yoga Instructor and Entrepreneur
Ex-Husband Ryan O’Reilly
Children None
Net Worth Estimated at $1 million

Who is Dayna Douros?

Dayna Douros, born in Toronto with a vibrant mix of Cuban and African-American roots, is not just a yoga guru but also a savvy businesswoman. Her brand, Dayna’s Closet, offers chic yet affordable fashion. Once married to NHL’s Ryan O’Reilly, their union ended in 2019 sans kids following his affair with TV personality Shay Johnson.

How old is Dayna Douros in 2024?

Turning 33 in 2024, Dayna Douros epitomizes an Aquarius—creative, independent, and friendly. Known for her striking looks and versatile hairstyles, she keeps fit with a dedicated wellness routine.

Dayna Douros Family Status

Dayna Douros hails from Toronto’s rich cultural tapestry, where her passion for modeling and business first sparked. She cherishes her family’s support, enjoying quality time with them whenever possible.

Dayna Douros Married Life?

In 2024, Dayna Douros is embracing a single life, dedicating herself to her career and self-improvement. Since parting ways with Ryan O’Reilly in 2019, she’s stayed clear of the dating scene, finding fulfillment in her independence.

Dayna’s brief marriage to Ryan, spanning 2018 to 2019, began with a shared love for music and ended amidst his infidelity with reality star Shay Johnson. Despite the upheaval, they’ve managed to maintain a respectful rapport post-divorce.

Is Dayna Douros Have A Children?

As of 2024, Dayna Douros is child-free, pouring her energy into her thriving career and enjoying life on her terms.

Dayna Douros Biography

Toronto-born Dayna Douros blends her love for fashion and modeling with entrepreneurial flair, leading her brand, Dayna’s Closet. Her journey from the runways to the business world is marked by resilience, especially after her marriage to NHL player Ryan O’Reilly ended in 2019 due to his infidelity. Today, Dayna stands as a beacon of independence and strength, inspiring many with her poise and dedication.

Dayna Douros Height, Weight, and Body Stats

Dayna Douros is captivated by her dynamic style and dedication to fitness. Standing 5’7″, her health-conscious lifestyle keeps her looking and feeling great.

How Much Will the Net Worth of Dayna Douros Be in 2024?

In 2024, Dayna Douros is a self-made success with a net worth of $1 million. A yoga instructor and entrepreneur, she’s the force behind Dayna’s Closet, a famous clothing line. With a solid social media presence and a passion for travel, Dayna lives on her terms.


Dayna Douros, a yoga pro and fashion entrepreneur, once tied the knot with NHL’s Ryan O’Reilly. Their marriage ended in 2019, and since then, Dayna’s been rocking the business world with her clothing line, Dayna’s Closet. She’s a beacon of positivity, cherished by family and friends, and inspiring to all who know her story of resilience and grace.


Q: Who is Dayna Douros?

A: Dayna Douros is a yoga instructor and entrepreneur married to Ryan O’Reilly, a famous ice hockey player.

Q: How old is Dayna Douros in 2024?

A: Dayna Douros’s birth date is February 7, 1991, which means she will be 33 years old in 2024.

Q: How many children does Dayna Douros have?

A: Dayna Douros has no children as of 2024. During their marriage, she had no children with her ex-husband, Ryan O’Reilly. She has not had any children with anyone else after their divorce.

Q: Is Dayna Douros married?

A: Dayna Douros is not married as of 2024. She is single and focused on her career and personal growth. She has not been romantically linked to anyone since her divorce from Ryan O’Reilly in 2019.

Q: What are Dayna Douros and Ryan O’Reilly’s professions?

A: Dayna Douros is a yoga instructor and an entrepreneur who owns a clothing line called Dayna’s Closet. Ryan O’Reilly is a professional ice hockey player who plays for the St. Louis Blues of the NHL.

Q: What are Dayna Douros’ interests and hobbies?

A: Dayna Douros has a passion for fashion and education. She loves designing, sewing, and selling trendy and affordable outfits for women. She also loves reading, learning, and teaching. She also enjoys traveling, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.

Q: What is Dayna Douros’s net worth in 2024?

A: Dayna Douros has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2024. She earns her income from her yoga instructor and entrepreneur work. She also makes money from her social media accounts, with over 50,000 followers on Instagram.


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