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Edgardo Canales: The Husband of Adria Arjona

Edgardo Canales is the husband of Adria Arjona, a famous actress and singer who has starred in many TV shows and movies, such as True Detective, Emerald City, Good Omens, 6 Underground, Morbius, etc. He is also an entertainment lawyer and businessman who has founded and invested in various ventures, such as Canales Law Group, Canales Music Group, and Canales Media Group. He is a well-educated and well-connected professional with comprehensive knowledge of legal and business matters.

Edgardo Canales Profile Summary

Here is a table that summarizes the profile of Edgardo Canales, the husband of Adria Arjona.

Name Edgardo Canales
Date of Birth 1987
Age 36 years old (as of 2023)
Place of Birth San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nationality Puerto Rican-American
Ethnicity Hispanic
Popularity Entertainment lawyer, businessman, celebrity husband
Wife Adria Arjona (actress, singer)
Children None
Education Boston College, University of Puerto Rico, Southwestern University School of Law
Profession Lawyer, entrepreneur, investor
Companies Canales Law Group, Canales Music Group, Canales Media Group
Net Worth $10 million
Income $1 million

Edgardo Canales Biography

Edgardo Canales, a Puerto Rican-American entertainment lawyer, has made a name for himself in the legal and business realms. Born into a family of lawyers in 1987, Edgardo pursued finance at Boston College before diving into law at the University of Puerto Rico and, later, media law in Los Angeles.

His career took off in entertainment law, advising giants like Sony and Netflix, and later, he founded his own law and media groups. Edgardo is not just a legal mind; he is also known for marrying actress Adria Arjona. They’ve been a power couple since 2019, with no kids yet. His success has earned him a comfortable lifestyle and a passion for philanthropy, supporting causes from environmental to community welfare.

Edgardo Canales Personal Life and Education

Edgardo Canales is a private and low-key person who shares little about his life and education. He has no social media accounts except for Twitter, where he occasionally posts tweets about his work and his wife. He also likes and retweets his wife’s posts and shows his love and support for her.

Edgardo Canales’s education and academic qualifications are impressive and admirable. He is a well-educated and well-qualified professional who has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Boston College, a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the University of Puerto Rico, and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree in entertainment and media law from Southwestern University School of Law. He is also a licensed attorney in California and Puerto Rico.

Career and Profession

Edgardo Canales is a trailblazer in the legal and entertainment sectors. His journey began in law, where he carved out a niche in entertainment and media, representing top industry names. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish firms that cater to creatives and innovators alike. Married to the talented Adria Arjona, Edgardo balances his professional success with a deep commitment to giving back and supporting various charitable initiatives. Living in LA, he enjoys the fruits of his labor, all while helping shape a brighter future for the arts and beyond.

How old is Edgardo Canales?

Edgardo Canales is 36 years old as of 2023, given his birth year of 1987. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is of Puerto Rican-American nationality. He is of Hispanic ethnicity and has a brown complexion. He has black hair and dark brown eyes.

Edgardo Canales Relationship

Edgardo Canales and Adria Arjona’s love story is one for the digital age. Meeting on Twitter, their connection quickly blossomed, leading to a whirlwind romance. By 2019, they tied the knot, marking the beginning of their journey as a power couple. They’re a testament to mutual support and admiration, often seen celebrating life’s moments together. Despite their busy lives, they maintain a close-knit bond, free from scandal and full of respect and trust for one another.

Edgardo Canales’s Married Life

Edgardo Canales and Adria Arjona’s romance is a modern-day fairy tale. They exchanged vows in 2019 in the quaint town of Antigua, Guatemala, surrounded by loved ones. Now settled in LA, they live a life filled with travel and shared passions, from music to art. While they’re yet to start a family, their home is filled with love, including that of their two beloved dogs. Together, they navigate life’s adventures, always supportive and deeply in love, much to the delight of their many admirers.

Edgardo Canales Puerto Rico

Edgardo Canales’s heart beats to the rhythm of Puerto Rico, his cherished birthplace. His pride in his roots shines through his support for the island’s welfare. It’s also where love blossomed with Adria Arjona, a bond sparked by a tweet and deepened by shared heritage. Their beachside surprise engagement was as enchanting as the island itself. Whether they’re savoring local festivities or the island’s culinary delights, Puerto Rico remains their sanctuary, a testament to their love and origins.

Who is Adria Arjona Husband?

Beyond being the other half of the talented Adria Arjona, Edgardo Canales is a savvy entertainment lawyer and entrepreneur. His ventures, from Canales Law to Media Group, showcase his legal and business acumen. A romantic at heart, Edgardo’s grand gestures for Adria—from helicopter rides to blooming rooms of roses—speak volumes of their loving bond. His philanthropic spirit echoes through his support for causes like Team Trees and Feeding America. Together with Adria, they enjoy a fulfilling life in LA, marked by success, generosity, and a deep, unwavering partnership.

Edgardo Canales’s Family

Here is a table that summarizes the family of Edgardo Canales, the husband of Adria Arjona.

Name Relation Occupation
Edgardo Canales Sr. Father Lawyer
Sunny Guastella Mother Lawyer
Eduardo Canales Brother Lawyer
Adria Arjona Wife Actress, singer

Edgardo Canales’s Height, Weight, and Body Stats

Edgardo Canales stands out with his impressive stature, 6 feet 2 inches. His commitment to fitness is evident in his well-maintained physique, complemented by a sharp sense of style that ranges from sleek formal wear to relaxed casuals. It’s not just his fashion sense that turns heads; his charismatic aura is just as captivating.

Edgardo Canales’s Net Worth and Income

Edgardo Canales’s net worth and income are impressive and admirable. He has a net worth of $10 million or Rs 845 crore as of 2023. He earns an income of $1 million or Rs 85 crore from his various sources of revenue.


Edgardo Canales, known for his sharp legal mind in the entertainment world, is equally celebrated as the partner of acclaimed actress Adria Arjona. His entrepreneurial spirit shines through his successful ventures, including Canales Law and Music Groups. At 36, he enjoys a fulfilling life in LA, marked by a loving marriage, strong friendships, and a heart for generosity.


Q: When and where was Edgardo Canales born?

A: Edgardo Canales was born in 1987 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Q: What is EC’s ethnicity and nationality?

A: EC is Hispanic and Puerto Rican-American.

Q: What are some of EC’s most notable projects and achievements?

A: Some of EC’s most notable projects and achievements are the Canales Law Group, Canales Music Group, Canales Media Group, Team Trees, Team Seas, etc.

Q: How did EC meet and marry Adria Arjona?

A: EC met and married Adria Arjona on Twitter in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

Q: Does EC have any children, and who are they?

A: EC has no children yet but desires to start a family.