Hyein: Age, Bio, Career & Net Worth

by Sophia

Hyein: Age, Bio, Career & Net Worth

Hyein shines in the K-pop world with NewJeans. Her dynamic voice, dance moves, and incredible charisma make waves in the music industry.

Hyein Profile Summary

Name Lee Hyein (이혜인) / Grace Lee
Stage Name Hyein (혜인)
Birthday April 21, 2008
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign Rat
Height 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type O
Nationality Korean
Representative Color Blue
Representative Emoji 🐬

Who Is Hyein?

Hyein, the youngest talent of NewJeans, brings a fresh vibe with her singing, rapping, and dancing skills. Her confidence and adventurous spirit shine both on stage and in her love for sports.

How Old is Hyein in 2024?

At just 16, Hyein stands out as one of K-pop’s youngest idols, sharing the spotlight with stars like Danielle, Yuna, Huening Kai, and Ni-ki. Her youth adds a vibrant energy to her performances with NewJeans.

Hyein Family Status

Hyein’s roots are Incheon; her heart is with her family and Pomeranian Bangle. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time for those she cherishes.

Hyein Relationship Status

Hyein is all about her music right now, steering clear of the dating scene. She looks up to K-pop icons like Jungkook, Sehun, and Momo, drawing inspiration from their artistry.

Hyein Biography & Career

Hyein’s journey from child model to K-pop sensation is a tale of talent and hard work. As the youngest member of NewJeans, she’s not just a voice in the group but a creative force, contributing to their hit songs. With their debut track “Attention,” NewJeans burst onto the scene, and Hyein’s role as Adidas’ global ambassador has only amplified her star power. Her style and skills are defining a new era in K-pop.

Hyein Height, Weight, and Body Stats

Hyein’s style is as vibrant as her performances. With a flair for fashion and a commitment to fitness, she stands out with her unique looks and energetic presence.

How Much Will The Net Worth Of Hyein Be In 2024?

Hyein’s success in the entertainment industry has built her a net worth of about $1.5 million. Beyond her art, she’s also known for her heart, regularly giving back to causes she believes in.


Hyein of NewJeans is a multi-talented idol adored for her calm confidence and competitive edge. She’s not just making music; she’s setting an example for dreamers everywhere.


Q: What is Hyein’s real name?

A: Hyein’s real name is Lee Hyein, but her English name is Grace Lee.

Q: What is Hyein’s fan cafe name?

A: Hyein’s fan cafe name is Flora 혜인, which means “flower Hyein.” It combines her representative emoji, a dolphin, and her stage name, Hyein.

Q: What is Hyein’s favourite food?

A: Hyein’s favourite foods are rice soup, strawberries, strawberry cream cake, her home food, and the food that her grandma makes. She also likes spicy food, especially tteokbokki and chicken feet.

Q: What is Hyein’s favourite hobby?

A: Hyein’s favourite hobby is playing sports and games, such as soccer, basketball, and board games. She also likes dancing, rapping, and watching movies.

Q: What is Hyein’s favourite colour?

A: Hyein’s favourite colour is blue, which matches her calm and charismatic personality. She also likes purple, which is her representative colour in NewJeans.


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