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Where is Jason Worley now? Explained

Jason Worley became known for his connection to a tragic case that shocked the nation. In the wake of a family crisis, his former spouse committed an unthinkable act, resulting in her arrest and subsequent conviction.

The aftermath left Jason, as a grieving father, to navigate an unimaginable loss. His resilience in the face of such sorrow has been a poignant aspect of this story.

Our focus is to provide thoughtful updates on Jason’s journey as he rebuilds his life. We are committed to sharing respectful insights into his experiences following the events. Stay tuned for the latest information as we follow this story with sensitivity and care.

Jason Worley Biography

Jason Worley, a software engineer, faced a personal tragedy that thrust him into the public eye. Despite the heartbreak of the past, he has found the strength to move forward. He’s embarked on a new chapter in life, having remarried and expanded his family circle. His story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

All Names Jason Worley
Nickname JasonInHell
Gender  Male
Date of birth Approx. 1985
Age 37 (as of 2022)
Current residence Darlington, Indiana, U.S.A
Nationality  American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Sexuality  Straight
Religion  Atheist
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Height in ft  5’10”
Height in cm 178
Weight in kg Approx. 91 kg
Weight in lbs.  Approx. 200 lbs
Profession Software engineer
Marital status Divorced (Brandi Worley)
Children  2 (Tyler and Charlee Worley, both deceased)

Who is Jason Worley?

Jason Worley Success Story | ACI Learning on Vimeo

With his software engineering expertise, Jason Worley contributes to the tech world at Stratusi, where innovative cloud solutions are crafted for businesses. Beyond his professional life, he carries the strength of a survivor, having endured a profound personal loss that resonates with many. His journey continues with courage and resilience, honoring the memory of his children.

What is Jason Worley doing now?

Jason Worley continues to apply his technical skills as a software engineer at Stratus, contributing to the field with his expertise. His journey has led him to new beginnings; he’s found happiness again, having remarried and welcomed a daughter into his life. His social media updates reflect a serene and contented chapter with his family.

Early Life and Career

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Jason Worley’s journey before settling down is a bit of a mystery, but what’s known is that he and Brandi Worley tied the knot in August 2009, following a two-year romance. The couple set up their home in the quaint town of Darlington, Indiana, where they welcomed two bundles of joy, Tyler and Charlee, into their family. Jason carved out a career as a software engineer, while Brandi dedicated her time to nurturing their children at home.

Jason Was Married to Brandi Worley for Eight Years

The marriage between Jason and Brandi Worley faced its share of challenges, as documented in court records and reported by the media. Despite considering separation, they remained united, prioritizing the well-being of their children. However, the revelation of Brandi’s affair with a neighbor in November 2016 was a turning point for Jason, leading him to decide on divorce. He shared this life-altering decision with Brandi on November 16, 2016, a day that preceded a tragic event.

The Engineer Stayed in the Marriage Because of the Kids

Jason Worley’s heart was firmly with his children, and he was deeply committed to shielding them from the fallout of a marital split. Seeking guidance, he turned to the Reddit community, candidly sharing his situation and determination to act in his children’s best interest. With a heavy heart, he anticipated the challenging times ahead and voiced his concerns over possibly a custody dispute.

His Wife Killed Their Children as an Act of Revenge

On the tragic morning of November 17, 2016, a mother named Brandi Worley resorted to an unthinkable act. She used a combat knife, which she had purchased from Walmart just a day before, to take the lives of her children. After committing this horrifying act, she attempted to end her own life by stabbing herself in the neck, but she survived. In a chilling confession to the 911 operator, she revealed that she committed this act out of spite towards Jason Worley, not wanting him to have custody of the children. All this while, Jason Worley was asleep in the basement, oblivious to the horror unfolding upstairs until the arrival of the police.

Jason Worley Thought He Had Let Down Their Kids

Mom who killed kids out of spite gets 120 years

Jason Worley expressed profound grief over the loss of his children, carrying the weight of not having been able to protect them. In his heartfelt statement, he shared his deep regret, wishing he could have taken their place. He harbored strong feelings of resentment towards his ex-wife for her actions.

His Wife Was Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison

In January 2018, Brandi Worley admitted to her unthinkable actions and accepted the court’s judgment of a 120-year prison term handed down in March. Her lack of regret and inability to explain her actions left many unsettled. The presiding judge described the impact of her actions as a profound and disturbing intrusion into the community’s collective conscience.

Jason Worley’s Date of Birth and Birthplace

Details about Jason Worley’s early life, such as his date and place of birth, remain private. Yet, glancing at his Facebook profile suggests he might be around his mid-30s as we speak in 2024.

Jason Worley Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

While Jason Worley’s personal measurements and appearance details aren’t available for public knowledge, his Facebook pictures give us a glimpse of someone with a pretty typical stature and physique, complemented by brown hair and blue eyes.

Jason Worley Current Location

The whereabouts of Jason Worley are not definitively known, but indications suggest he may still reside in Indiana, where his employment at Stratus is located. He may have relocated within the state since the tragic events.

Jason Worley’s Net Worth in 2023

Jason Worley’s financial standing in 2023 hasn’t been disclosed, yet it’s reasonable to assume he makes a comfortable living from his software engineering role. While the average salary for such a position in Indiana hovers around $86,874 annually, as reported in December 2023, individual earnings can differ widely based on factors like the employer, years of experience, and specific technical skills.


Jason Worley’s life was irrevocably altered by a heartbreaking event in 2016, which saw him lose his children to a vengeful act by his former spouse, Brandi Worley. Despite the unimaginable grief, Jason has found the strength to rebuild his life, finding love once more and creating a new family. His journey speaks volumes about human resilience and the capacity to see light after darkness as he continues to move forward while honoring the memory of his children.


Q: When and where did Brandi Worley kill her children?

A: Brandi Worley killed her children on November 17, 2016, in their home in Darlington, Indiana.

Q: What was the motive behind Brandi Worley’s crime?

A: Brandi Worley killed her children because she didn’t want JW to have them after he filed for divorce.

Q: How did JW find out about the murders?

A: JW was asleep in the basement of their home and was unaware of what happened until the police arrived.

Q: What was Brandi Worley’s sentence for the murders?

A: Brandi Worley pleaded guilty to two counts of murder and was sentenced to 120 years in prison.

Q: How did JW cope with the loss of his children?

A: JW blamed himself for not being able to save his children and wished he could trade places with them. He also hoped his ex-wife would rot in hell for what she did.

Q: How did JW move on with his life?

A: JW remarried and has a daughter with his new wife. He also continued working as a software engineer.

Q: What are the names and ages of JW’s children who were killed?

A: JW’s children who were killed were Tyler Daniel Clinton Worley, 7, and Charlee Rose Jean Worley, 3.

Q: What are the names and ages of JW’s new wife and daughter?

A: JW’s new wife and daughter are not publicly known but appear happy and peaceful on his Facebook page.

Q: Where does JW live and work now?

A: JW’s current location is not confirmed, but it is likely that he still lives in Indiana, where he works for Stratusi, a cloud-based solutions company.

Q: How old is JW, and what is his net worth in 2023?

A: JW’s age and net worth are not publicly known, but he appears to be in his mid-30s and earns a decent income as a software engineer.