Marcelle Provencial: Biography, Professional Life, Family, Net Worth and More

by Sophia

Marcelle Provencial: Biography, Professional Life, Family, Net Worth and More

Marcelle Provencial, a dedicated family nurse practitioner, shares her life with Jon Scheyer, a renowned basketball coach celebrated nationwide. Her generosity extends beyond her professional duties, supporting various charitable causes. She navigates the joys and challenges of parenting their three children with Jon. Marcelle’s commitment to her family, career, and philanthropy paints a picture of a life rich with care and community service.

Marcelle’s Provincial Age, Date of Birth & Birthplace

Born on a sunny June 5th in Fort Lauderdale, Marcelle Provencial embodies a true Gemini’s vibrant and communicative spirit. As of 2023, she celebrates 36 years of a life filled with diverse experiences and accomplishments.

Who Is the Marcelle’s Provincial Wife?

Marcelle Provincial shares her life with the esteemed Jon Scheyer, who leads the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team with passion and expertise. Jon, a former champion on the court with the 2010 NCAA championship under his belt, has transitioned from a dynamic playing career in the NBA and internationally to inspiring the next generation from the sidelines. In 2022, he embraced the prestigious role of head coach at Duke, succeeding the legendary Mike Krzyzewski and continuing the legacy of excellence.

Marcelle Provencial Bio/Wiki Table

Title Details
Full name Marcelle Marie Provencial
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Height 1.73m (5’8″)
Weight 56kg (123lbs)
Parents Russell (father) and Alberta (mother)
Siblings Michel, Noelle Mclnerney
Marital status Married
Spouse Jon Scheyer
Children Noa Marie, Jett James, James Russell
Education Duke University School of Medicine
Profession Family Nurse Practitioner
Affiliated with Caldwell UNC Health Care
Social media Instagram, Twitter

Introducing Marcelle Provencial: Who Is Jon Scheyer Married To?

Marcelle Provincial Parents, Family & Siblings

Marcelle Provencial’s roots trace back to a warm, nurturing family with a rich Italian and Irish heritage. Her sister, Noelle, shares her passion for education as a teacher, and her brother, Michel, upholds justice as a lawyer. Marcelle’s journey has been shaped by her family’s kindness and unwavering support, who have always encouraged her to chase her dreams with vigour.

Marcelle’s Provincial Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 123 pounds, Marcelle Provencial carries herself with an effortless grace. Her brown hair and eyes reflect a natural elegance, complemented by her commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Marcelle’s timeless fashion sense favours simple yet chic attire that mirrors her unpretentious sophistication.

Marcelle’s Provincial Career & Professional Journey

Marcelle Provencial brings a personal touch to her role as a family nurse practitioner, licensed to heal and comfort across the United States. Her journey in medicine began at Duke University, where she gained her degree and crossed paths with her future partner, Jon Scheyer. With a heart for service, Marcelle excels in caring for patients young and old, a testament to her expertise and compassion. Her commitment extends through the Caldwell UNC Health Care network, where she’s a valued member of a team dedicated to health and wellness in North Carolina.

Marcelle Provencial’s Marriage with Jon Scheyer

Marcelle and Jon, both Duke alumni, tied the knot in 2017 and welcomed three kids into their family. While Marcelle champions health, Jon coaches Duke’s basketball team, embodying a dynamic duo of sports and wellness.

Marcelle and Jon’s kids

Marcelle and Jon’s world revolves around their three little stars: Noa Marie, Jett James, and James Russell. Born in 2018, 2020, and 2022, these cuties are regulars on their parents’ social feeds, stealing hearts with their charm. They’re also their dad’s biggest fans, often spotted rooting for his team from the stands.

Marcelle Provencial’s Net Worth in 2023

Marcelle’s practical approach to life is reflected in her estimated net worth of $5 million, which has mainly accrued through her dedicated work as a family nurse practitioner and her partnership with Jon Scheyer. Residing in Durham with her family, Marcelle is known for her prudent financial choices and generous spirit, often contributing to charitable causes. Her social media is a vibrant tapestry of her personal and professional life, showcasing her connections, passions, and daily adventures.

Is Marcelle Provincial active on social media?

Marcelle’s social media presence is as vibrant as her personality. With a growing community of over 6,000 on Instagram and a lively Twitter circle, she shares insights, musings, and snippets of her life with a warmth that draws people in. Her genuine interactions reflect her friendly nature, making her social spaces a hub for connection and shared interests.


Marcelle’s life is a tapestry of care, love, and giving. As a family nurse, she’s a beacon of healing in her community. Married to Jon Scheyer, a renowned basketball coach, she balances her professional life with the joys of motherhood, cherishing her three children. Her heart extends beyond her family, touching lives through her philanthropic work. Marcelle stands as a pillar of strength and compassion, truly an inspiration.


What is Marcelle Provencial’s primary profession?

Marcelle Provencial is a family nurse practitioner dedicated to providing primary care to patients of all ages.

How many children does Marcelle have with Jon Scheyer?

Marcelle and Jon share the joy of raising three children: Noa Marie, Jett James, and James Russell.

Where does Marcelle Provencial primarily engage in her charitable endeavours?

Marcelle extends her philanthropic arm to various charities and causes, spreading hope and support far and wide.

What sets Marcelle Provencial apart in her social media presence?

Her social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Twitter, offer glimpses into her life, echoing authenticity and candid moments.

What epitomizes Marcelle Provencial’s essence as a person?

Marcelle embodies grace, resilience, and kindness, knitting the fabric of her life with love and benevolence.


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