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Penelope Kvyat: Wiki, Biography & Facts about Daniil Kvyat’s Daughter

Penelope Kvyat, born in Russia on July 27, 2019, is the daughter of ex-F1 driver Daniil Kvyat and model Kelly Piquet. With her mother now dating F1’s Max Verstappen, Penelope enjoys a unique family dynamic and is frequently spotted at racing events with them.

Who are Penelope Kvyat’s Parents?

Daniil Kvyat, Penelope’s father, is a former F1 driver with notable achievements, including podiums and a GP3 title. He’s now an Alpine F1 reserve. Her mother, Kelly Piquet, a model with a rich F1 heritage, has diverse experience from fashion to health coaching.

Penelope Kvyat Profile Summary

Full Real Name Penelope Kvyat.
Date of Birth July 27 2019.
Age (as of 2021) Two years old.
Place of Birth Russia.
Profession Celebrity child, media face, and Internet personality.
Net worth (Daniil Kvyat) USD 3-4 million (approx.).
Nationality Russian.
Ethnicity Mixed.
Zodiac Sign Leo.
Education Studying.
School/College Local Primary School in Brazil.
Religion Christianity.

Penelope Kvyat Father / Mother / Sister / Brother

Father Daniil Kvyat.
Mother Kelly Piquet.
Paternal Grandparents Zulfiya Kvyat and Vyacheslav Kvyat.
Maternal Grandparents Sylvia Tamsma and Nelson Piquet.
Brother None.
Sister None.

Penelope Kvyat Height, Weight & Physical Appearance 

Height (approx.) Feet Inches: 2′ 11″.
Meters: 0.87 m.
Centimeters: 87 cm.
Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 12 kg.
In Pounds: 26 lbs.
Hair Color Light Blonde.
Hair Length Short.
Piercing None.
Eye Color Green.
Tattoos  No.

How Did Penelope Kvyat’s Parents Meet And Split?

Daniil Kvyat and Kelly Piquet, united by motorsports, shared a brief romance and welcomed their daughter in 2019. Despite parting ways later that year, they continue co-parenting Penelope amidst their active careers.

Who is Penelope Kvyat’s Stepfather?

Max Verstappen, Penelope’s stepdad, is a celebrated F1 driver for Red Bull Racing. He’s made history as the youngest to achieve many F1 milestones and is a top contender in the sport. Since 2021, he’s been with Kelly Piquet and has become a loving stepfather to Penelope, sharing a special bond with her.

What is Penelope Kvyat’s Personality and Hobbies?

Penelope Kvyat, a joyful child with a flair for racing, delights in F1 events and shares a special bond with her family. Bilingual and social, she’s adored online and may one day echo her family’s racing legacy. For now, she’s savouring her youthful days.

Kelly Piquet’s Net Worth and Career

Kelly Piquet, a Brazilian model with a $3 million net worth, is known for her diverse career and famous lineage. As the daughter of F1 legend Nelson Piquet and model Sylvia Tamsma, Kelly has made her mark in fashion and social media. She’s graced magazines and runways and worked behind the scenes in Formula E. Now, she’s guiding others as a wellness coach.

Her financial mainstay is her modelling gigs and social media influence, especially her 1.1 million-strong Instagram following. Collaborations with top brands like Red Bull and Dior add to her success.

Kelly enjoys a luxurious life, often seen at F1 events supporting her partner, Max Verstappen. Together, they share life’s grandeur, from designer wardrobes to precious family moments showcased on her vibrant Instagram feed.


Penelope Kvyat, the young daughter of F1 personalities Daniil Kvyat and Kelly Piquet, enjoys a life touched by the thrill of racing. With her mother’s new partnership with Max Verstappen, Penelope’s world blends family and the fast-paced F1 rivalry. Her vibrant personality shines through her love for the sport and family time. Her net worth reflects her parents’ success, standing at $8 million.


Q: When and where was Penelope Kvyat born?

A: Penelope Kvyat was born in Russia on July 27, 2019.

Q: Who are Penelope Kvyat’s grandparents?

A: Penelope Kvyat’s grandparents are Nelson Piquet, a three-time F1 world champion, and Sylvia Tamsma, a Dutch model on her mother’s side, and Vyacheslav Kvyat, a former Soviet hockey player, and Zulfiya Kvyat, a Russian teacher, on her father’s side.

Q: How did Daniil Kvyat and Kelly Piquet meet and split?

A: Daniil Kvyat and Kelly Piquet met in 2016 while working in motorsport. They started dating soon after and moved in together in Monaco. They announced their pregnancy in January 2019 and welcomed their daughter Penelope in July 2019. However, their relationship did not last long, as they broke up in late 2019. The exact reason for their split is unknown, but some sources suggest that it was due to their busy schedules and different lifestyles.

Q: Who is Penelope Kvyat’s stepfather?

A: Penelope’s stepfather is Max Verstappen, a Dutch racing driver who competes in Formula One for Red Bull Racing. He is one of the sport’s most successful and popular drivers, having won 17 races and 49 podiums so far. He is also the youngest driver to win a race, to score points, and to start on the front row in F1 history. He is leading the 2021 F1 world championship, ahead of his main rival Lewis Hamilton.

Q: How did Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet start dating?

A: Verstappen and Kelly Piquet started dating in late 2020 after ending their previous relationships. Verstappen was previously dating Dilara Sanlik, a German student, while Kelly was still with Kvyat. Verstappen and Kelly made their relationship public in January 2021 when they posted a picture of themselves on Instagram.

Q: What is Penelope Kvyat’s net worth?

A: According to some estimates, Penelope Kvyat has a net worth of $8 million. She inherited some of her wealth from her grandfather, Nelson Piquet, who has a net worth of $100 million. She also shares her parents’ wealth, who have a combined net worth of $11 million.

Q: What are Penelope Kvyat’s hobbies and interests?

A: Penelope Kvyat loves to watch and attend F1 races with her mother and Verstappen and sometimes wears matching outfits. She also enjoys playing with cars, dolls, and puzzles, and listening to music and dancing. She is bilingual, speaking both Russian and Portuguese, and learning English. She is very friendly and pleasant, with many fans and followers on social media, thanks to her mother’s posts.