Shea Mcgee: Age, Biography, Career & Net worth

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Shea Mcgee: Age, Biography, Career & Net worth

Shea McGee brings life to homes with her flair for design, making her a beloved figure in interior decorating. Known for her appearances on Netflix’s ‘Dream Home Makeover,’ Shea’s designs are a breath of fresh air, embodying comfort and elegance. As the creative force behind Studio McGee and McGee & Co., she’s shaping spaces and building a legacy in the design industry. Born into the heart of summer on July 5, 1985, July 5’s personal life is as complete as her professional one, sharing the joy of parenting three children, Wren, Ivy, and Margot, with her husband, Syd.

Shea Mcgee Profile Summary

Full name Shea Elizabeth Mcgee
Gender Female
Date of birth July 5, 1985
July 5  years (as of 2024)
Place of birth Texas, U.S.
Current residence Utah, U.S.
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Profession Interior designer, businesswoman, entrepreneur, blogger, social media star, and TV personality
Net worth $10 million (as of 2024)

Who is Shea Mcgee?

Shea McGee is a creative powerhouse in the interior design world, helming the much-adored Studio McGee and McGee & Co. Her eye for design has captured not only the hearts of homeowners across the U.S. but also the attention of Netflix viewers through ‘Dream Home Makeover.’ Alongside her husband Syd, Shea works magic, turning ordinary spaces into dreamy havens. Her blog is a treasure trove of design insights and personal projects. At the same time, her Instagram is a vibrant showcase of her life’s tapestry—interwoven with family moments, work triumphs, and a community of 2.6 million followers who adore her aesthetic.

How Old is Shea Mcgee in 2024?

Shea McGee, a Texan native born on a sunny July 5, 198July 5be, toasting her 39th year in 2024. Each birthday is a festive gathering of loved ones, a tradition she shares through snapshots and videos with her online community. On these joyous occasions, she’s showered with heartfelt messages and thoughtful presents from her husband, children, and the many fans who follow her journey.

Shea Mcgee Family Status

Shea and Syd McGee’s love story is one for the books. College sweethearts, they met amidst the halls of Brigham Young University, both pursuing studies in communications. Their bond deepened into love, and in 2008, they embarked on a lifelong partnership, sealing their vows and setting out for California. There, they laid the foundations of their now-thriving interior design business. Their relationship is a pillar of mutual support and encouragement, professionally and personally.

Their family life is just as rich, with the joyous chaos that comes with three young children: their son Wren, who arrived in 2012, and daughters Ivy and Margot, joining the family in 2014 and 2019, respectively. The McGees’ home life, often shared with fans on their TV show and social media, is a tapestry of love, laughter, and the occasional photobomb by their furry friend, Cali, the dog. Together, they navigate the adventure of family and fame with grace and humor.

Shea Mcgee Relationship Status

Shea and Syd McGee’s love story began at Brigham Young University, where they both majored in communications. Their college romance blossomed into a beautiful marriage in 2008. The couple then embarked on a new adventure to California, setting the stage for their successful interior design business. With over a decade and a half together, Shea and Syd’s bond is stronger than ever. They are each other’s biggest fans, cheering on professional endeavors and personal aspirations. United by shared passions, principles, and dreams, they maintain a harmonious balance of togetherness and individuality, ensuring their relationship thrives.

Shea Mcgee Biography & Career

Shea McGee, a Texan-born interior designer, has made a name for herself with her bright and cozy design aesthetic, showcased on Netflix’s “Dream Home Makeover.” After a stint in PR, Shea followed her heart into design, starting Studio McGee in 2014 with her husband Syd. Their venture quickly grew into a thriving business, complementing their e-commerce line. McGee & Co. Shea’s influence extends to social media and collaborations with major brands, and she’s also co-authored “Make Life Beautiful,” a book on her design journey and philosophy. As Shea continues to expand her brand and take on new projects, she remains a prominent figure in the design world.

Shea Mcgee Height, Weight, and Body Stats

Shea McGee stands out with her radiant smile and engaging presence. At 5 feet 7 inches, her poised stature and fitness are evident. Her style is versatile, and she often sports her blonde hair in various trendy looks. Shea’s blue eyes are a distinct feature, complementing her overall allure. Notably, she wears a heart tattoo on her wrist, adding a personal touch to her chic persona.

How Much Will The Net Worth Of Shea Mcgee Be In 2024?

Shea McGee’s flair for design and entrepreneurial spirit have built her a fortune worth $10 million. From her roots in a savvy, affluent family to a successful career pivot into design, Shea’s story is one of ambition turning into achievement. As the creative force behind Studio McGee and McGee & Co., she’s a true testament to where passion and hard work can lead.


Shea McGee shines in the design world, known for her Netflix series “Dream Home Makeover” and her thriving businesses, Studio McGee and McGee & Co. Her work reflects an inviting and elegant style. While Shea keeps her personal life private, her generosity isn’t a secret, as she actively supports various charities. She’s a beacon of inspiration for dreamers everywhere.


Q: What is Shea Mcgee’s real name?

A: Shea Mcgee’s real name is Shea Elizabeth Mcgee. She does not use any stage name or alias.

Q: What is Shea Mcgee’s zodiac sign?

A: Shea Mcgee’s zodiac sign is Cancer. She was born on July 5, 1985. July 5at is Shea Mcgee’s favorite color?

A: Shea Mcgee’s favorite color is white. She loves using white as the base color for her designs, creating a bright, airy, and cozy feel.

Q: What is Shea Mcgee’s relationship with her husband, Syd Mcgee?

A: Shea Mcgee has a close and loving relationship with her husband, Syd Mcgee. They met at Brigham Young University in college, where they studied communications. They fell in love, married in 2008, and moved to California, where they started their interior design journey. They have been together for over 16 years and have a solid, loving relationship. They support and encourage each other in their careers and personal lives.

Q: What is Shea Mcgee’s profession?

A: Shea Mcgee is an interior designer, businesswoman, entrepreneur, blogger, social media star, and TV personality. She runs her interior design firm, Studio McGee, which offers interior design services and products. She also runs her e-commerce brand, McGee & Co., which provides furniture, decor, and accessories that reflect her design aesthetic. She also stars in her Netflix TV show, Dream Home Makeover, where she transforms clients’ homes into their dream spaces. She also writes a blog, Studio McGee, sharing her design tips, inspiration, and projects. She also posts about her lifestyle, family, and work on her Instagram account, where she has over 2.6 million followers.

Q: What is Shea Mcgee’s relationship with her children, Wren, Ivy, and Margot?

A: Shea Mcgee has a mother-son and a mother-daughter relationship with her children, Wren, Ivy, and Margot. They are a happy and adorable family, often appearing on her TV shows and social media accounts. They also share their interests, hobbies, and goals. Shea often praises their work and achievements and supports their education and activities.

Q: What is Shea Mcgee’s net worth?

A: Shea Mcgee’s net worth is estimated at $10 million as of 2024. She earns her income from her interior design career, her e-commerce career, her TV show, her blog, and her social media platforms. She also makes money from collaborations, endorsements, sponsorships, and advertisements with various brands, companies, and organizations. She also makes money from her philanthropic activities and receives support from her husband, who has a net worth of $5 million as of 2024.

Q: What is Shea Mcgee’s style?

A: Shea Mcgee’s style is bright, airy, and cozy. She likes to use white as the base color and add pops of color and texture to furniture, decor, and accessories. She also likes to mix and match different styles, such as modern, farmhouse, bohemian, and coastal. She also enjoys using natural elements like wood, stone, plants, and flowers. She also likes to use personal touches, such as art, photos, and books. She believes that design should reflect the personality and lifestyle of the people who live in the space.


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