Hyunjin Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography, Family & Net Worth

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Hyunjin Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography, Family & Net Worth

Embark on a journey through the captivating world of Hwang Hyunjin, the heartthrob of Stray Kids, whose artistic flair and charismatic stage presence have made him a beloved icon in K-pop. This Article is dedicated to unraveling the enigma that is Hyunjin—his age, height, weight, relationships, biography, family, and net worth. As we step into 2024, join us in celebrating the achievements and exploring the life of a star who shines both on and off the stage. Get ready to dive deep into the story of Hyunjin, a tale of talent, passion, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Who is Hyunjin?

Hyunjin Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography, Family & Net Worth

Hwang Hyunjin, artistically known as Hyunjin, has captured the hearts of many as a member of the sensational K-pop group Stray Kids. His multifaceted talent as a rapper, singer, dancer, and songwriter has made him an integral part of the group’s success. Hyunjin’s journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and the love he has for his craft and fans.

Hyunjin Bio/Wiki

Attribute Detail
Full Name Hwang Hyun-jin
Stage Name Hyunjin
Birthday March 20, 2000
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height 179 cm (5’10″)
Weight 65 kg
Blood Type B

How Old is Hyunjin in 2024?

In the year 2024, Hyunjin will be 24 years old, a young artist who has already made significant strides in his career.

Hyunjin Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

At 24, Hyunjin stands tall at 179 cm with a weight of 65 kg. His physical appearance, marked by his sharp features and expressive eyes, has not only made him a visual standout but also complements his powerful performances on stage.

Hyunjin Biography & Career

Hyunjin Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography, Family & Net Worth

Hyunjin’s biography is not just a story of fame; it’s a narrative of transformation and growth. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Hyunjin spent a part of his childhood in Las Vegas, where he was known as Sam. His artistic inclinations were evident from a young age, leading him to attend the School of Performing Arts Seoul, where he graduated with a degree in Practical Dance.

Hyunjin’s career took off when he debuted with Stray Kids in 2018. Since then, he has been a part of the group’s meteoric rise, contributing to their albums, participating in songwriting, and mesmerizing audiences with his dance. His career milestones include being appointed as a Global Brand Ambassador for Versace and participating in campaigns like “Love Your W” to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Hyunjin Relationship Status

As of 2024, Hyunjin’s relationship status remains private. While there have been rumors and speculations, Hyunjin has not publicly disclosed any romantic involvements, choosing to keep his personal life away from the public eye.

How Much Will The Net Worth Of Hyunjin Be In 2024?

Hyunjin’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be between $100,000 and $1 million. This range accounts for his earnings from his music career, brand endorsements, and other ventures. As a member of Stray Kids, his contributions to the group’s overall success play a significant role in his financial standing.


As we close this chapter on Hyunjin, we’re reminded of the impact one individual can have on the world of music and beyond. Hyunjin’s journey with Stray Kids is more than just a series of performances; it’s a story of personal growth, artistic expression, and the joy of connecting with fans across the globe. His dedication to his craft and his unwavering passion make him not just a performer but a true artist. As Hyunjin continues to write his story, we eagerly await the next page, knowing it will be filled with the same heart and soul that he brings to everything he does.


Q1: What sets Hyunjin apart in Stray Kids?

A1: Hyunjin’s unique blend of rap, dance, and visual artistry sets him apart, along with his songwriting contributions.

Q2: How does Hyunjin contribute to Stray Kids’ choreography?

A2: Hyunjin is known for his exceptional dance skills and often contributes to the group’s choreography with his creative ideas.

Q3: What are some of Hyunjin’s notable solo projects?

A3: Hyunjin has participated in various solo projects, including music video appearances and brand endorsements.

Q4: How does Hyunjin interact with his fans?

A4: Hyunjin is active on social media and engages with fans through live streams, fan meetings, and interactive posts.

Q5: Has Hyunjin won any awards for his performances?

A5: Yes, Hyunjin has received accolades for his performances both as a solo artist and as part of Stray Kids.

Q6: What inspires Hyunjin’s music and performances?

A6: Hyunjin draws inspiration from personal experiences, artistic influences, and the world around him.

Q7: How can I support Hyunjin’s career?

A7: Fans can support Hyunjin by streaming his music, attending concerts, and following official Stray Kids updates.


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