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Who is Fielder Jewett? Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth

Fielder Jewett is a name that resonates with versatility and transformation. Born on December 6, 1988, in the serene town of Chappaqua, New York, Fielder has journeyed through the realms of film production and is now navigating the intricate world of law. At age 34, he stands as a testament to the power of reinvention, having transitioned from the glitz of Hollywood to the hallowed halls of legal academia.

Fielder Jewett’s Early Life and Family

Growing up in the cultural richness of New York, Fielder was exposed to a myriad of artistic and intellectual stimuli that shaped his early interests. The details of his family life remain a cherished secret, guarded by Fielder’s preference for privacy. However, it is known that his upbringing was filled with the support and encouragement necessary to pursue his dreams.

Fielder Jewett Education

Fielder’s academic pursuits began at Wesleyan University, where he majored in film studies. A deep dive into the world of cinema, storytelling, and the art of visual narrative marked his time at Wesleyan. Here, the foundation for his future career was laid with a degree that would open doors to the bustling film industry.

Fielder Jewett Biography & Profile Summary

Fielder’s biography is not just a list of achievements but a narrative of a man who has consistently pushed the boundaries of his potential. His profile combines creativity, intellect, and the courage to explore new horizons.

Category Information
Age 34
Birthday December 6th, 1988
Place of Birth Chappaqua, New York, USA
Nationality American
Residency California, USA
Boyfriend Hunter Doohan
Job Producer and Law Graduate
Instagram @fielderjewett
Height 1.87 m (6 ft 2 in)
Weight (Kg) 75
Tattoos N.A.
Smoking N.A.
Brother Garrett Jewett
Father & Mother F. Garrett Jewett and Doris Downes
Religion Christianity
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Net Worth (approx.) $1 Million

Career in Film

After graduating from Wesleyan, Fielder ventured into the competitive landscape of film production. He quickly made a mark with his keen eye for detail and ability to bring stories to life. His work as an assistant and later as a producer garnered recognition and respect among his peers.

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Fielder Jewett Education and Early Career

Fielder’s education did not stop with his undergraduate degree. His thirst for knowledge and personal growth led him to pursue law, which promised new challenges and opportunities. His early film career, punctuated by successful projects, provided a solid foundation for his legal studies.

Transition to Law

The decision to study law came from Fielder’s desire to make a tangible impact on society. His enrollment in law school marks a new chapter in his life, where he aims to advocate for justice and uphold the principles he values.

Fielder Jewett Marriage and Personal Life

Fielder’s personal life is a beautiful tapestry woven with love and shared experiences. His marriage to Hunter Doohan, an actor whose talent has graced both stage and screen, is a partnership that celebrates mutual admiration and support. The couple’s union in June 2022 was a joyous occasion highlighting their deep connection.

Life with Hunter Doohan

Together with Hunter, Fielder navigates the complexities of life in the public eye. Their relationship is a beacon of authenticity and commitment, serving as an inspiration to many.

Fielder Jewett Height & Weight

While the specifics of Fielder’s height and weight are not for public consumption, his stature in the industry and among his loved ones is immeasurable. He carries himself with a grace and confidence that transcends physical dimensions.

Fielder Jewett Net Worth

The question of Fielder Jewett’s net worth is one shrouded in mystery. As someone who values life’s intangible riches—knowledge, relationships, and personal fulfillment—Fielder’s true wealth lies beyond the confines of monetary value.

Fielder Jewett Career Highlights

Fielder’s career is dotted with highlights that showcase his versatility and dedication. From his meticulous work behind the scenes of film sets to his intellectual approach to law, each highlight is a stepping stone in his journey of continuous growth.

Notable Projects

Among the projects that stand out in Fielder’s filmography are “The Vanishing of Sidney Hall” and “Rosy.” These films highlight his production skills and his ability to collaborate with creative minds to bring compelling stories to the audience.

Fielder Jewett Filmography Highlights

Fielder’s filmography is a testament to his passion for the cinematic arts. His involvement in various film projects has left an indelible mark on the industry, with each role contributing to his rich professional tapestry.

Impact on Film and Beyond

Fielder’s impact extends beyond the credits of the films he has worked on. His influence is felt in the lives he has touched, the stories he has helped tell, and the legacy he continues to build as he ventures into the world of law.

Who is Hunter Doohan’s husband?

Hunter Doohan’s husband, Fielder Jewett, is a man whose life story reads like an epic tale of love, ambition, and the pursuit of excellence. Together, they form a duo that exemplifies the harmony of personal and professional fulfillment.

What country is Hunter Doohan from?

Hunter Doohan’s roots trace back to the United States, a country as diverse and dynamic as his acting portfolio. His American heritage infuses his performances with a unique blend of cultural nuances and universal appeal.

Is Fielder Jewett married?

Fielder Jewett’s marital status is a celebrated fact, with his marriage to Hunter Doohan as a proud declaration of their love and partnership. Their journey is of mutual respect, unwavering support, and shared dreams.

How old is Hunter Doohan?

Hunter Doohan, a beacon of talent in the acting world, was born on the cusp of a new era on January 18, 1994. At 29 years old, his youth is matched only by his impressive achievements and the promise of a luminous future.


Fielder Jewett’s journey from the silver screen to the courtrooms of law is a narrative rich with dedication, love, and personal growth. His story, interwoven with that of his husband, Hunter Doohan, is an inspiring testament to the power of embracing change and pursuing one’s passions. As Fielder continues to shape his legacy, he remains a figure of intrigue and admiration, a private individual who has made a public impact.


Who is Fielder Jewett?

Fielder Jewett is a former film producer turned law student known for his marriage to actor Hunter Doohan.

How old is Fielder Jewett?

Fielder Jewett was born on December 6, 1988, making him 34.

What is Fielder Jewett’s educational background?

Fielder holds a bachelor’s degree in film studies from Wesleyan University and is pursuing law school.

What are some of Fielder Jewett’s career highlights?

Fielder’s career highlights include producing films like “The Vanishing of Sidney Hall” and “Rosy” before transitioning to law.

Who is Fielder Jewett married to?

Fielder Jewett is married to Hunter Doohan, an American actor.

What country is Hunter Doohan from?

Hunter Doohan is from the United States.

Is there any information available about Fielder Jewett’s net worth?

Fielder Jewett’s net worth is not publicly disclosed.

Can you provide details on Fielder Jewett’s height and weight?

Specific details about Fielder Jewett’s height and weight are not publicly available.

How did Fielder Jewett and Hunter Doohan meet?

The specifics of their first meeting are private, but they have been together since at least June 2018.

What is the age difference between Fielder Jewett and Hunter Doohan?

Hunter Doohan was born on January 18, 1994, which makes him 29 years old and five years younger than Fielder.